Hanging Aluminum Style Choice for Letter Sets

Lightweight Changeable Aluminum Letter Sets

Aluminum Changeable Sign Letters – Hanging Church Sign Letter Kits

These hanging aluminum church sign letter kits are one of our many changeable sign letter types used with church marquee sign units to display those familiar church marquee messages… short messages that are so commonly used to stir us to think about spiritual matters.

These old-style church sign letters are designed to “hang” in thin slits (or a style of rails) in the background panel of the sign. There is no track on this style of sign background panel, simply slits (or groves) for our hanging metal letters to hang upon. These sign panels are common in those older style church signs (church marquee signs) and similar current sign lettering systems.

Choose from Sure-Grip or Traditional type sign letters…

Hanging Aluminum Letters In Use on Sign
Sure-Grip Hanging Aluminum Changeable Letters

Sure-Grip Style

This style of hanging aluminum sign letters is one that uses both an upper hanging feature and a lower griping feature bent into the aluminum which helps hold the sign letters straight… they hold better.
Traditional Hanging Aluminum Changeable Letters

Traditional Style

These aluminum changeable sign letters are designed to “hang” in thin slits in the background panel of the sign. They only have a bend on the top edge of the letter’s background panel.